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From Geoff Pollock
November 2013


I have just spent well over an hour browsing the web to find an email card service that suited.  Most I saw were US based and not really what I wanted.  Then I found you and you were not; and more than that you were in Teddington (which I know!!) and you had faces too!!

 And you had a sort of Greek scene with a growing tree being fed by a watering can.  We live in Crete by the sea and my wife is there but I am not - I leave on Monday to drive back - but her birthday is today (09/11) and she loves her garden and so you have provided the perfect card to e-mail.......................and so.................................


From Larry Nelson
May 2013
My wife very much liked her card, even printing it out. You folks have a unique, very professional, versatile, fun and wonderful product line. I've been telling people about Katie's Cards and hope they are using your cards ... I know I will be back.
Your company is very professional from the very innovative product line through to its timely customer support responses.
Thanks again for your swift, professional response!

From Sylvia Shipton
February 2013
Thank you for your very interesting newsletter. I love your cards, especially the Chinese New Year card with the beautiful Coy Carp. I've sent that one to several of my friends even though we're not Chinese - I had to share it with them.

From Rosemary LePore
November 2012
You were very quick to respond to my issues I was having with my account yesterday and gave me specific instructions which I followed today. Thanks to you, you've saved a new customer signup and I've sent two of my grandchildren birthday cards today. I hope for a long relationship with your service.

From Morag Ashfield
October 2012
I just wanted to say a big thank you - my husbands godson was delighted with his card for his 4th birthday. He lives in Hong Kong so perfect and apparently much more exciting than a paper one!

From Liz Gilbey
April 2012
I enjoy your cards so much. They are very much appreciated - I love the scope of them, the fact that they can differ in length as well as approach and artwork style, and that the people I send them to just enjoy them.

(By the way, having been sent seven identical cards for my birthday from the same ecard market leader, to which I also used to subscribe, I find Katie's Cards a welcome breath of fresh air)

Happy Easter!

From Barbara D'Eath
January 2012
Used your service for the first time yesterday and was most impressed. Particularly liked the follow up to say card had been viewed by recipient. Good choice of designs and so easy to use. I will be back!

From Valerie Roebuck
January 2012
I'm constantly impressed by the quality of your cards. Many of the recipients remark on the beauty of the designs.

From Maggie Jamieson
January 2012
I have just renewed because I love your site and have recommended it to friends and family. Great for saving the environment but also for that last minute card which mean you can pretend that you did not forget. Ha ha !!

From Kenneth Hunter
January 2012
Your cards have brought a great deal of thanks and enjoyment by the recipients,especially the runaway turkey game. Terrific. A lot of fun. Congratulations on producing a great range of cards.

From Sue Barrington
October 2011
I think your cards are fantastic and for me extremely useful as we are only in the UK for about 5 - 6 months of the year and I can send cards to friends and family from wherever I am.

From Maxine Pritchard Birmingham
September 2011
Fun animations, worth the premium over free cards.

From Geoff Wood
September 2011
I find Katie's Cards an absolute godsend! The cards themselves are original, tasteful and charming.

From Laura Orsini
September 2011
If you like interactive eCards, Katie's Cards are gorgeous - and at $9/year, you cannot beat the price!

From Leslie Rice
September 2011
A great website for creative E cards.

From Patricia Pears
September 2011
A remarkably varied, creatively appropriate, musically fun range of lovely E Cards to quickly send to those special people in your life..! Fantastic for people like me who suddenly need to send a lovely card... when the Post office is closed!

From Michael Dean
August 2011

Have to say that after years of using Hallmark, I find your cards both very refreshing and appealing.

From Stella and Peter Mankin
July 2011

Thanks! Lovely fun card for keen gardeners, pleased we found your site.

From Margaret Swift
May 2011
What a wonderful service - thank you .  You were recommended by a friend and I shall be passing on the recommendation to others.

Margaret Swift

From Amanda Bernstein
February 2011
Thank you Katie for your marvellous ecards, I was desperate to send a Birthday card to my sister who lives in Australia and when I found your website searching on Google it made me so happy.

keep up the good work


From Robin Liston
March 2010

Just to say I am delighted to have discovered your website and have already made three people very happy; my Spanish girlfriend on St Valentine’s Day, my nephew on his engagement and my year old grandson who is recovering from a nasty virus. I am sure I will be sending many more over the next few months as they are original, tasteful and always much appreciated and perfect for someone like myself who would otherwise have to rely on the vagaries of the Spanish and UK postal systems!. Regards Robin Liston London and Madrid.

From Virginia Cole
November 2009
Dear Katie--
I have just joined up with you and I must tell you that I think your site is great!!!  Your cards show "class".  I am most pleased that I found you.
Sincerely yours,
Virginia Cole

From Patricia Johnson
June 2009
Dear Team,

Thank you for providing so many cards for me to send to family and friends. Your system is easy to use, and everyone who receives a card is very pleased.  I often despair in the shops to find ones as nice as yours – they are all full of gentle and kind images, but not too soppy.

Yours faithfully,

Patricia Johnson

From Grant Abrahams
May 2009
Hello Katie,

I just wanted to tell you that I love your eclectic collection of greeting cards. Even though I don't use them as often as I should, I adore seeing the new ones. It was my Mother who found your site, and I know she enjoys your art work as much as I do.

Kind regards


From Narmin Halani
January 2009
What lovely ecards! thank you! everyone loves them! Blessings!



From C. A. Cannarella
September 2008
Dear Katie and associates:
I have utilized the convenience of E-cards since their onset. Although one often has to settle for less than superior artistic and intellectual content of what's available they still serve a purpose.

I am a practicing California psychiatrist specializing in three paramount areas of stress, despair, and trauma. Often when appropriate I use an e-card to bolster or congratulate a patient on their progress or completion.

I discovered your sight by using the key words "Quality E-cards" on google and after searching I came to your site.

Thank you all for sharing your talent and emotions so obvious in your work.  I wish you continued success and hope to see more categories containing your outstanding art.

C. A. Cannarella, MD, Ph.D, APA, ACFE

From Lynda Reese -Sysol
July 2008
Hi Katie,    I just wanted you to know ...I love your cards and your talent as well.  I love the art work and the clever creativity you express in your cards.  It's obvious you really enjoy what you do.  It is also nice to see your picture and know who you are.  I live in Florida, USA and I became a member of your site.  I am an art teacher, but I have never learned how to do what you can do.  
Thank you for making beautiful cards for the world to enjoy!