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Take to the streets of the French capital for the Bonne Année Paris ecard and celebrate a New Year with a little bit of ‘ooh la la’. This ecard is perfect for those celebrating with friends and family across the Channel. A stirring rendition of ‘La Maseillaise,’ the French national anthem begins and builds up to a spectacular firework display by The River Seine. The red, white and blue patriotic fireworks rain down over the Paris skyline, with the Eiffel Tower standing proudly and sparkling in the night sky. The screeching and banging of the fireworks celebrate the clock striking midnight, along with the ‘Bonne Année’ message displayed amongst the explosions. The background fades away and displays a shimmering message of ‘Bonne année et bonne santé’ which means ‘Good year and good health’ which is the traditional French greeting at this time of year. The Bonne Année Paris New Year e card is not suitable for use with iPhones or iPads.