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Celebrate packing up and moving on in style with the Cool New House ecard. A clear glass bowl splashes wildly as a goldfish swims from side to side to keep up with the movement. The cause of all the commotion, we soon find out, is a moving car with its roof loaded full of house stuff – from a guitar to a tv and even a houseplant – and perched on top of it all is the poor goldfish. The snazzy driver whistles as he drives, not a care in the world, with his lady friend and dog similarly coolly cruising in the back. The soundtrack is also laid back as the car gives way to passing mopeds. When the car reaches its destination, the dog jumps out excitedly and the two humans look pretty pleased with themselves too. The frame freezes and the words, ‘Welcome to your new home’ appears in retro font above. The Cool New House greeting and other our animated ecards are not supported on iPads and iPhones.