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The Chinese New Year is an important traditional Chinese holiday. This ecard features the Chinese dragon, a legendary creature deriving from Chinese mythology. The dragon is a symbol of strength, good luck to those who are worthy, and is often used by the Emperor of China as a symbol of his power. This ecard is a beautiful tribute to the Chinese New Year. A quiet mountain village is the setting of this ecard as a bright red dragon rushes through the serene backdrop, bringing a mystical, glowing effect as it passes through. The traditional hand-painted effect of this ecard is truly unique – the sombre tones of the Chinese village contrast beautifully with the bright red colour of the dragon. The dragon dance is often a highlight of Chinese New Year celebrations and the ritual is said to ward off evil spirits and bring good luck in the coming year. The end of this ecard shows the festival in full swing with people dressed up as the dragon and crowds cheering. This Chinese New Year ecard is not compatible with iPads or iPhones.