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This animated ecard represents the legend of Nian, associated with Chinese New Year. It tells the story of a monster, Nian, who in ancient times would come down from the mountain and terrorise the villages, stealing food and scaring the people. After a while the villagers realised that the beast with the body of a bull and the head of a lion, was scared of the colour red, fire and noise. The villagers came together and hang scarlet lanterns and set off noisy and bright fireworks in preparation of Nian’s annual visit. Nian was defeated and never returned to the village again and the ritual of lighting scarlet lanterns and setting off fireworks became the tradition known as Guo Nian. In this ecard, the villagers are represented by the little girl who is not afraid of Nian and instead giggles as her New Year Visitor is frightened away. Unfortunately, New Year Visitor cannot be viewed on iPad's and iPhones.