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Robot Love is the classic tale of girl meets bot. This cute and quirky ecard is the perfect greeting for the person who’s unlike anyone else you’ve ever met. A female robot sits on a bench minding her own business as a clunky male robot struts onto the scene. Noticing her, the screen in the centre of his metallic torso shows his heart beating. He tries to get her attention, by showing off his manufactured muscles and by using his heat ray eyes to create a diamond from a rock – but it’s no use. She’s not interested. His heart is broken, but then he has an idea; he reaches into the screen and pulls out his 8-bit heart, puts it back together and offers it to her. It works. The two enjoy a robotic smooch as the message ‘I LOVE YOU’ is typed onto the final frame of this ecard. The Robot Love ecard will not work with iPhones and iPads.