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If you’re looking for a light-hearted way to make your feelings known, this ecard could be just for you. A lofty giraffe stands chewing the leaves of an Acacia tree in the savannah setting. A smitten warthog approaches the giraffe, bouncing towards it with a bunch of flowers in its mouth. But the giraffe’s oblivious. It can’t see the warthog so it continues to chew, despite the warthog jumping up and down on the spot. Cupid comes to the rescue attaching a love-heart balloon to the warthog’s tail and it rises up to meet the giraffe’s gaze. Cupid’s arrow goes straight for the giraffe as the unlikely couple fall for each other. The touching message, ‘Your Love Lifts Me Up’ completes this silly but ever-so-sweet ecard. The Your Love Lifts Me animated ecard cannot be viewed using iPhones or iPads.